Pro Human Evolution

Urgent NEWS !

This Year September 11th: 

The education level 1 has started. If you are interested to participate in future, please let me know via the contact link.
Educations will be hold in German or English language, unless translation can be provided. 
For details please look at the page "Services". 

Due to special situation, there will be no Monday-Meditation until October 23rd

Look at your language-section 

At  "Services" and "Free Services" for details in your country of residence

Always feel free to 


It's all about YOU 

Evolution is going on and on. No one can stop it. 
But we can use and shape it ! 

Evolution always starts at the individual. 
If we all would live our potential abilities, surely there would be more happiness and satisfaction with the individual life.
This would change it all and open doors for even more.

Why this website? 
What is different here?

We help you to take out the roots of habits 
that are creating your problems. 

We help you to become truely you 
and live your best abilities.

This is different from all those who want to make you "better". When you bloom in your abilities and live a joyful life, then you support evolution of humanity by being a good inspiration. 

Only your own experience counts. Here is no need for a membership, no holy books and no big stories. 

Open your mind 
and take a closer look on what is offered here

Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.