Free Services Overview

Once a week : 

Free simple guided meditation

Once a week,  after the simple meditation

Free guided advanced meditation

Timing depends on interest: 

Free Live-Meeting with Gerhard. Time to ask questions or just to enjoy. 

Free simple guided 
meditation once a week , 
20:00 UTC+1 (Amsterdam, Praha, Berlin),
which is noon in Mountain Time (USA & Canada)

This is a meditation for calming your 
mind, cleaning and balancing you.

This simple meditation everyone can do.
You can do it by yourself, for example when waiting.
It's called "running the energy". It takes 30 minutes. 

The effects are many:
- calming down excess mind activity =>  inner silence
- reducing tensions and stress
- better contact to your body and it's needs
- growing awareness and mindfulness naturally
- preparation for advanced meditation

Right after it, there is an advanced meditation which lift you to higher realms of consciousness and focusses each week on a different aspect of life. 
It takes 30 minutes. 

No fee - just join
by using the link

Free advanced guided meditation

Exploring higher realms of consciousness

You are much more than just this body with its mind, 
emotions and of course your property and personality.

Guided by Gerhard you can make your own direct 
experience. This goes far beyond book-knowledge. 
These experiences are beyond words.
Gerhard will help you to experience for example your 
Higher Self, that which are YOU and which never dies.
It is individual, you may call it your spirit or your soul. 

Gerhard does have more than 30 years of experience in 
meditation and energy-work. 
Make your own experiences and then decide if you like 
to learn how to do this by yourself. 

No fee - just join 
by using the link

Gerhard K. Pieroth in January 2003,  the day after enlightenment happened

Life Online Meetings

Meeting in a Zoom-conference room

This is an additional offer by Gerhard. 

It's a chance for public, general questions that may arise 
out of the meditations and experiences, 
or maybe you just want to meet. 

In the not for free section Gerhard offers individual private consultations for your personal growth and all kinds of problems you face in life. 

If you are interested in that, see details there.

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