Free easy meditation once a week on Monday

we start at 20:00 UTC+1, which is time in Praha, Berlin, Rom
Due to requests of participants, it happens now on Mondays

ZOOM link:

Click that link or copy it and put it into your browser. Same link works also for the advanced free meditation. 
At first time use, Zoom will install a software. So please do it before the meditation starts. 
Meeting room will be open 30 min before the mediation. You can use the time befor meditation to chat. 
We start on time. 

It's really easy and after a while you might want to do it for yourself. 

There is no limiting copyright at the meditation, because the original inventor, Mr. Sadhu Grenwal, did not copyright it.
Gerhard got it trough Mr. Jerry Densow of Mountain Institute Inc., Montrose, Colorado, U.S.A.  Jerry Densow offers 
this meditation every Thursday at 5 PM Mountain Time through his website and Zoom. Check his work out, he might fit 
better for you, if you are an American. His Website:


Running the Energy Meditation:


You sit down relaxed and comfortably in a position you like and feel good with for a while. 
You can use a chair, the couch or go into lotus-posture or stand up - as you like.
Not possible is lying down because your head has to be up higher than the rest of the body. 

Then you locate your crown-chakra and knock on it gently, like knocking on a door. 
The Crown-Chakra is not at the highest point of the head. 
Feel up in front of your ears and you will find a softer spot or a ditch in your scull.  
Knocking at and feeling the spot makes it easier to put your awareness there during the meditation. 

The 4 meditation-steps in short for your understanding:

1. You let the energy build up at your crown-chakra. Feel it!
2. Then let the energy flow down through face, neck , shoulders, split it, down into both arms and into your hands.
     While flowing it takes tensions and impurities in your physical and energetic body with it down into your hands,
     which are resting palms down on your upper leg. 
3.  Bring your awareness back to your crown chakra, again let the energy build up and feel it.
4. Then let the energy flow down through your brain, back of head, neck, spine, down to your pelvic bones,
    split it into left and right leg, let it flow more down picking up the energy of the hands , down the leg and feet and
    push it out into the ground. 

Repeat this 3 times.

As simple it is, don't underestimate the effects:
1. You get sure connection with your Crown-Chakra, which is the gateway to all higher levels of consciousness.
2. You train your ability to move your consciousness and awareness and energy.
These two are a needed basic abilities for higher level work.  


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