Individual private consultation and coaching

Of course life can take unexpectd turns. How we deal with it depends on influences, that often are not conscious. 
Gerhard does a special kind of consultation, which he calls "working from above personality".
Other than the psychologists that stick to work with the mind, personality and behavior, he looks from above all that, from your true YOU, which you could call your Higher Self , your Soul or your Spirit.  
This gives a new and much more general perspective. 
From there he sees all kinds of influences your mind cannot be aware of. 
Dissolving disturbances is easier from this higher level of consciousness and same time more gentle and more efficient. You will get suggestions and a path to go for the coming months or even a totally different orientation for your life, the true intention you were not aware of. 

Education in advanced meditation and 
conscious living 

In the free regular advanced meditations Gerhard is leading you to experiences of your higher levels of consciousness up to your Higher Self.

Of course there comes the wish to learn this and do it by yourself whenever you want it and to go further than your Higher Self.

When there are enough interested people together, classes are offered. 
Right now it looks like two different language classes will start in Europe soon. 

The education is proven, structured and step by step goes up to something you could call the post doctorial level of spiritual education.

For supporting evolution of humans, the final goal is to bring as many as possible into the state of living enlightenment here and now with this body. 

For advanced meditators or individuals that feel lost or do not want to join a public education, individually tailored education and initiations are possible. 

Gerhard is familiar with many kinds of energy-work and meditation and for example can help to find the individually best path to more life-balance and higher levels of consciousness. 
Come with your specific needs and questions.
Use the contact form or write to LWGERHARD@GMAIL.COM

The English language section of this website is created for people in the many languages this page does not cover directly. 
There are more websites related to Gerhard K. Pieroth and LichtWesen, but mostly they are in German language only. 
There are 5 international best selling books (each more than 120 000 copies sold) available in up to 8 languages. Use the contact form or read the "If you want to know more" section of this website to learn more.

A message for people in the USA from Gerhard: 
I don't want to create any competition with Jerry Densow, who has his Mountain Institute Inc. in Montrose, CO. 
I really appreciate him and his work very much.   Check him out first.

Education Level one. What you get.

1.Create inner peace and a silence, relaxation, absence of stress by grounding, being in harmony and here now instead of being bugged by your past experiences or worries about the future . 
There is a natural relaxed state we don’t learn at school. We start with easy, effortless ways for reaching this state naturally. We use a range of techniques for that, which includes different kinds of relaxation and meditation. Being in contact with this state helps you to be in contact with your own inner wisdom, being inspired and refueling your body. 

2. All intuition and spirituality does not help, unless you naturally live it in your daily life. It has to be anchored in your body. Traditionally this happens through the igniting of the pineal gland, now called the EKAM technique of Kriya Yoga. This step includes the EKAM-Initiation, which makes this natural for you. By focusing on the pineal gland without effort, you get detached from unconscious fears and worries, your thinking becomes clear and easier you take the right decisions.

3. Kriya Yoga is a technique of using your breath and consciousness for cleaning and advancing your body’s energetic system. This enables you to reduce the influences that previous traumatic experiences have had onto your today life till now and supports becoming free of outdated and unwanted habits. The result is freedom, undisturbed inner wisdom and insights that help you to steer your life the way you want it. It is centering you and same time making you more complete.
This step includes the Kriya initiation, which is stabilizing the energy flow in your spine, sacral, limbic system and brain. 

4. After this Kriya Initiation you are able to travel into these aspects of you that are called spiritual or religions might call “God in you”. This helps to get out of many self-imposed limitations and enjoying a clear perspective. 

This is accompanied by learning techniques that are helping you to protect you from unwanted influences by other people, common negative thinking and energetic attacks. 
Other techniques you learn are helping you to come into peace with yourself and others, even with difficult people or those you cannot talk with anymore. 
Becoming more natural, an authentic ease in meeting people and being in connections happens. 

What is your investment?

Once a week 1 hour ZOOM Internet-Meeting, where you learn new techniques plus about 15 minutes a day for training these techniques. You will enjoy your daily growth by doing them. It will take 6 months. If you miss a session, you can ask other participants and catch up. 

As needed there are additional online-meeting for special themes. 
For the EKAM and Kriya Initiations we have to meet in person for twice a day. 

The first run of this education will be with no charge for participating, because I want to give a chance to longtime friends. Future repetitions starting in 2022 will have a 
€ 3000,- (plus VAT if locally aplicable) charge.   

Education in Zen-Meditation 

Zen is a form of meditation based in Buddhist traditions, that has gained a high reputation. Susanne van Kuijen is a certified and registered Zen-teacher. She does group-education and individual education. 
She lives in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch, English and French. 

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