Who is Us?

We see it as an open group.

Likeminded people working on human evolution are invited.

Gerhard K. Pieroth 

Takes the responsibility and did  create this website.

Susanne van Kuijen, NL

Is a certified Zen-Teacher. She plannes to offer education in the Netherlands.

Why does this project exist? 

1. It offers a new, efficient way for everyone who wants to live normally and develop at the same time.    
    It is also useful for everyone who somehow has the feeling that they have missed something so far. (Indigo Children)
    You become complete and it's all natural. Problems then disappear by themselves because they are no longer        
    needed. Change happens from understanding rather than as a reaction to suffering.        

2. Easy entry, no sect or other religion. Easily integrated into a common style of life.    
    Much is free and the tried and tested training is inexpensive thanks to the combination of Zoom-Online and less
    personal meetings. (Saves travel costs!)        

3. The lack of evolution is not in technology but in lived awareness. 
    Awareness influences how people behave towards one another and towards their living space. 
    An example: Instead of using laws to enforce environmentally friendly behavior, more awareness leads to natural, 
    considerate behavior.        Awareness should have more influence on the development of the earth. 

4. I feel fortunate to assist people in their spiritual developement and to becoming who they are. 


Gerhard K. Pieroth, 

Languages: English and German 

His slogan: Look normal, act normal, but be exceptionally
                      good in your work. 

Has studied engineering and business, has been with IBM and been their 
top-consultant and teacher for Artificial Intelligence applications in the 
German and European industry. Lecturer at universities.
Started meditating during a burnout-situation. 

Educated as engineer, working as coach and consultant and same time at 
home in the highest levels of consciousness, levels you could call soul or 
spiritual levels. Teaching practical ways to integrate these higher levels 
into daily life and enjoy their benefits.

This is the history, like each one of us has some. Let's go on . . .

His goal with this website is to speed up evolution and support having 
more of happy and fulfilled people here on this planet, people who know 
themselves and do live their potential instead of only thinking of it.

Here is so much more available. The experiences and education offered 
here, are what will be the basis of the new step in evolution.

Since a while, more kids are born with exceptional abilities and big 
dreams, but the usual thinking pushes them aside. 
Here is the place to free your abilities and use them. 
You might be no more a kid, but you are of the new generation.

Just be you, when we meet. That's the best ! 

Join our free 

Susanne H. van Kuijen
Certified Zen-teacher, registered in Kyoto - Japan.

Languages: English, French and Dutch

I feel very fortunate working with Gerhard and to have the opportunity to share my wisdom with so many people from so many cultures. Many of my clients are also therapists and are able to gain additional skills in working with their own clients. 

As a travel agent and environmentalist, my background is physical geography. I'm passionate to keep ancient wisdom relevant to modern time. It blends with the ideas of Taoism - the practice of observing how nature can teach us about the human journey on evolution. 

My work has allowed me to understand how reality is organized and that it causes charged situations that show us what we are protecting. I teach others how to remove the illusion that anything stands in the way between them and the ability to create a joyful existence.

In my coaching work and Zen teachings, many of my clients are business leaders who have a strong desire to overcome self-limiting ideas through work. I teach students how to recognize and release the boundaries that separate thought processes from the seamless unity and the purposefulness of what they experience for a higher understanding of the pathway. I teach people to awaken in it.

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