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Here are some answers from Gerhard K. Pieroth to frequent questions. 
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             The English language sections are for those many people who's language I cannot cover directly.
             If you live in the U.S. or Canada check out first:   www.mountaininstitute.com 


How we finance our free services:

As our entire website and all services are: All is open, honest, simply straight forward and clean. 

The free offers are:
1. Basic Meditation 
2. Advanced guided meditation 
3. Life Meetings online

We are covering our general cost from the following services (written by and refering to Gerhard K. Pieroth). 

  1. Personal Services like individual coaching and consulting by Gerhard K. Pieroth 
    When done through the internet, the rate right now is only Euro 120 per hour, which is 
    about what in Europe is your mechanic's charges for a car repair per hour. This is unusually cheap for what you get. These consultations, I have done more than 3000 of them till now, often have been life changing. 
    If it is a in person meeting, travelling costs have to be covered and the hourly rate goes up to Euro 150 per hour. 
    Then I do use a medical sensor for measuring your body’s reaction to certain aspects through the acupuncture points. More about that is here

  2. Business services: Coaching and consulting related to business, focussing on you and your business.  
    I am educated in engineering and business (Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur, TU Darmstadt) and since 1995 I'm an independent German business consultant. Amongst my customers have been Boehringer Ingelheim (Pharma), Microsoft Europe and TopDeQ (Office furniture) and many smaller companies, often family owned. I specializes in dissolving blockages, overcoming the habits that created burnout and in general being more yourself, happy and successful in your projects. As I often worked in family owned businesses, I had saved marriages and helped the working together in split families. My hourly/daily rate depends on the effort needed, travel and many other factors. Usually it is around Euro 2000 per day plus cost of travelling. You will receive an invoice for your tax-reports. If it happens to be in Germany, I do have to add the VAT. 

  3. Individual training in meditation and living as a complete being by including your spirituality :
    Whosoever wants for whatsoever reasons not to participate in a group, but still wants to go forward fast according to individual situation and abilities, just make contact with Gerhard. 
    Another Background for this service: I was shocked when I was reading in Suzanne Segal's book "Collision with the infinite" how lost she was with the sudden experience of enlightenment and how long it took her to meet someone who helped her to understand what had happened. There are people out there, who are brought to a madhouse because they cannot handle enlightenment. I'm available to help. Also I can help with a lot of common misunderstandings about enlightenment, purpose and meaning of your life,. living your life and getting out of exhaustion and burnout. Just contact me, if you or a friend are in such a situation. LWGERHARD@GMAIL.COM

    4.    Group Education
    If you want to build your own stairs up to your own higher levels of consciousness and wisdom, you can book an online seminar. Soon one in German language will start and others are planned for the Netherlands and Czech Republic in the local languages with a translator.  
    Fees always are reasonable and according to local situation, which means that a seminar in Prague is cheaper than one in Switzerland, because the cost and the participants income are lower there. 

    If you do need English language and/or do live outside of Europe, please contact me at 
    LWgerhard@Gmail.com. There are solutions for this too. 

    Look up the group education for level one and further ones at "Services" in this page


What is your connection to LichtWesen / LightBeings? 

In spring 1993 I got offered to do the LichtWesen-Project and did it together with Dr. Petra Schneider. At the beginning meaning and implications were not visible, but we somehow met the "job-critera", by both being seasoned meditatiors and energy-workers and being open minded. We got intensive education, special abilities and somehow I always earned enough money as a business-consultant, just when it was needed to move forward with the project. In December 1995 the first products were available and over the years the physical buildup of the company happened, which in 1999 became the LichtWesen AG. Together we wrote 4 books about the products and their use. 
Each one sold more than 120 000 copies!
(A book selling 20 000 copies already is called a "Best-Seller"). Translations happened into 8 languages. 

Today's situation is, that Dr. Petra Schneider runs the daily business of the LichtWesen AG and I am supporting international education and sales, living mostly in the mountains of Colorado, USA with my wife.
When people look at the website www.lichtwesen.com, they see products. They are looking "normal" but are the physical outcome of a project for supporting the human evcolution. Using them connects the user with high spiritual levels, giving an individual, direct experience. This actually makes the effect. There is, other than in usual medicine, no medical substance in them. An analogy would be "Holy Water", but they don't need your faith or believing into it like a placebo would need it. 


You say, you are in two different projects same time and both projects are supporting human evolution. How?

The older and still ongoing project is LichtWesen. This is a project for all and everyone. Most users of the products search for insights, solving problems with themselves or are just wanting to feel better. By using these products they open up the connection to higher conscious levels of themselves, means they visit aspects of themselves that they are normally not consciously using. 
Over time, one can see with most customers a growing interest in understanding themselves, exploring and getting out of habits and acting more natural and consciously. 

The second project came out of my own search for enlightenment and after that happened, researching how to integrate this into daily life and how to help others towards this. This website offers the steps for consciously growing awareness and becoming complete by integrating what you are additionally to your body/mind/emotions/property-system. 
The project includes free guided meditation, high level eye-opening consultations with my new technique "Working From Above Personality" and education using proven techniques for safe and consistently growing evolution of yourself. 

LichtWesen is more like a "consumer-program" and this one is an active program - if you want to see it that way. 
Same is true about the meditations Petra offers through www.lichtwesen.com (German language only) and what I do (Right now English only, soon in German language too). 

Try out and research what suits you best - both projects are offering really exceptionally good chances. 


You seem to follow the idea of reincarnation. Is the idea of one life only wrong?

It needs a more precise look at it. In early christianity, reincarnation was the accepted standard. Around the time when it became the one official religion of the Roman empire, this disappeared in a general "cleanup" done then. 

The reality is, that you never ever will come again as the same as you are now. Be aware of all what made you how you are now: The genes of these specific parents, the situation you were growing up, the people you met and had influences from and much more. This cannot be copied. This life is totally unique. 
Reincarnation does not mean that you, as you experience yourself now, will come again. 

Reincarnation means that your spirit, soul or higher self - name it as you like - after the death of this body will again make connection with another unborn body (fetus) and that way will be again in a life. 

Tibetian buddhist do have clear scriptures about what happens when your body dies and it's coherent with what I was watching. When the physical body dies, the invisible soul stays and often the now dead person needs a while to realize this. In India they burn the body same day, making it clear for the soul that this life with this body is over. 
This spirit or soul takes all the identifications, ideas and experiences of this life with it. Usually it takes up to 10 days till it goes to another energetic level and there "digests" the passed life before deciding for going into another life. This is what Buddhists call the wheel of birth and death and for average people this is automatic and without much of their control. 

With evolution of your consciousness and getting aquainted with your own spiritual aspects while you live and surely with enlightenment, you get more controll of this process. High level beings incarnate consciously into situations they choose, when they decide to do so. 

Sum total: At the end of this life not only your body dies, but also an unique combination that cannot copied and replayed another life. Yes, your soul will connect to another body another time, but all will be different. 
You, as you are here with this body in this life, are truely unique. That is to be mentioned! This also means that you did set unique goals and chances by choosing this incarnation. Living your abilities will make this life that what you intended with this incarnation. Then surely it will be fulfilling. Therefore it's helpful to integrate the spiritual aspects while your body lives and search for your meaning and goals and live that. There are many more "Indigo Children" or "Christal-Children" than you might think of. Maybe you are one of them. Often they suffer from an unexplainable kind of stress and the feeling that there is something more they do not see, but is relevant to them. 


Can you say a bit more about the education you offer and how you came to these techniques ?

There is some about the education written on this website, but intentionally I kept it short, because these things would sound too far out. It becomes normal after you made your steps and during education you will learn what is possible as the next step. No worries, it unfolds and I will not hold back anything which you are ripe for. 

More about the education-offer you find on the page "Services" in 4 languages: Go there

My individual path and how I got these techniques:

Gerhard K. Pieroth was born into a protestant family in Germany. I had so many questions and was a nuisance to the priest and religous teacher. Just believing was not my way and because of insufficient answers, as a child I already decided to meet god myself and to know the truth out of own experience. 
All slipped into the background when I used the German opportunity of free higher education in order to become free from the tightness of my parents household. After university and success at IBM, suddenly in a burnout situation the forgotten side of me showed up again. ,
Unexpected and unplanned happening during hollidays in 1988, I met an enlightened teacher and started really to meditate. Meditation and Satsang were the only techniques he had. Then 1993 the LichtWesen-project started and I learned how to consciously travel everywhere in the higher realms. Enlightenment happened January 2003. 
I experienced really difficult times after that! Some people are still angry at me, because I did not function as expected for some years. But finally I was able to stay in enlightenment and become normal in my work again. I learned a lot in this process, which can help you to go easier paths and safe time due to understanding it immediately! 
Wanting to help others to reach this great state of enlightenment, but realizing that I did not have a complete set of tools and education-steps started a search. I was somehow in the same situation as most enlightened teachers. They are nice, want to help, but don't have a complete set of tools for helping others to get there. Most of them only can hope that enlightenment, like an infection, jumps over to the followers in a meeting (Satsang). This definitely was not sufficient for me and I did search further. 
Another unexpected happening and I found Jerry Densow in Montrose, USA. After carefully checking him out, I went through his education and initiations and decided to become a teacher of his techniqes, which are a blend of an up to date living Kriya Yoga coming directly through Maha Avatar Babajii and an ancient Indian lamplighting-tradition. This is where I got several of the techniques for helping others to get where I am since many years. I'm very happy about this and I defnitely do not want to create a competition for Jerry. 
If you are in U.S.A. or Canada, check out him first. www.mountaininstitute.com

Having still a strong connection to Japan, where I spend many lifes in the past, I like the japanese way of thinking: "Respect and value your master. Learn all you can learn from him. Then expand it beyond his abilities"
This I do with what I learned at different teachers and I hope, that those who carry on my teaching will improve it even more. It has to live and only what lives grows. I am aware, that this life and all what happened, was not planned by my mind this way.  I'm aware, that all is only possible throught the help of higher level consciousness beings that support me and my work. I take my role here. The body you see is not the source, but the bridge. 


Q: In a few of your videos at YouTube and some writings, you say that enlightenment happened to you in 2003. Can you say more about enlightenment? There is so much different info around just the word.


Enlightenment happening I see as a grace. No one can enforce it to happen, but you can give it a better chance to happen.

When you look at the timeline (meaning different previous lives) of enlightened people, you often realize it's not their first time it happens. This also makes the idea questionable that an enlightened one does not reincarnate again. 
The Bodhisattva-Idea has some truth. 

We incarnate because we want to experience directly, we want to influence and help evolution and other beings and we want to learn. Enlightenment does not mean you are perfect now! 
In fact, most enlightened people fall out of the state of enlightenment after a while. It needs integration into life

So - what is enlightenment? It is the sudden disassociation from your personality. All personality is a definition and each definition is a limitation. Once you are no more accepting these thousands of ideas as you, you are one with all. 
Osho called this "the moment when the drop becomes aware that really it is the ocean".  
This sounds not much, because you cannot comprehend it without the experience, but it is a differerent life. 
Maybe Eckhart Tolle's descriptions of before and after give you an idea, especially when you see how he is now.
Then you understand the difference between being happy and being blissfull.

Enlightenment as such has the potential to be permanent, but the moment you build up a new personality you drop out of it. Therefore it all is about living that and bringing it into your normal life and keeping the distance between really you, and your body-mind-emotion-system. This distance is what meditation aims for. This enables the realization of who and what you really are at all times. 

What helps to raise the chance for enlightenment to happen? 
Making experiences, real own experiences I mean, that you are more than your Body-Mind-Emotion-Property-Personality. This for sure opens a door. You can use the LichtWesen® products to get contact with higher levels (more at www.lichtwesen.com),  meditation (there are many forms of meditation) will help too. You might try out my free meditation every Monday (look it up here)

Of course someone who is enlightened can help you to reach enlightenment, but stay away from those who say “There is only one way and that is what I teach”.  In fact, there are many ways. People got enlightened in shocks, when suddenly the identification got lost. A guy in Germany had this after a car-accident which nearly killed him, Ramana Maharshi (a famous Indian saint) had it suddenly in puberty when he became afraid of death, Eckhart Tolle had it also suddenly as a change when he could not stand himself and his life any more. But don’t build on a drama as an “igniter”, there are other ways to raise your chance. 

That’s why I offer these teaching and initiations – it is for raising the probability, the chance to happen. The first level education builds up basic techniques and a solid base to maintain your energy, protect yourself and safely explore more. Already the second education starts with an initiation that for centuries was seen as enlightenment-initiation. Then you change your energy-system for higher efficiency and become more able to bring higher level learning into this body and life. You make your own experiences, and that’s all what counts. No holy books are here to study.  
You might pass levels one and two in two years total – which is very quick due to efficiency when compared with old techniques. Your investment in time and money is very reasonable. You can stay in your normal life-situation. 

Even if enlightenment does not happen now, surely your life becomes much better and worth to live it. 
As said, all this will not ensure enlightenment, but surely it will give you more grip onto your own life and the ability to change and steer it as it truly is the best for you. You surely get more contact with your own wisdom and make you independent. True freedom, the freedom from your illusions (personality is the biggest one of them), is the goal and the booster for your good life. 

So why this effort and why to aim for enlightenment?

It’s really worth it. If makes and keeps you free, being you and same time all. It’s hard to describe. 
It’s like having to envision colors to a blind person. Totally different levels. 

Still you will have challenges in your life. Still some people will not accept you as you are. Life is always testing what you gained and learned. 
Your mind does not get erased during enlightenment. This means you remember all, including the bad experiences, but the memory becomes like reading a book and not alike re-living it each time. 

Surely your values and priorities change – but you still have to get what your body needs for surviving the way you want it, like money for renting and food. 

It’s including an “intensified normality”. Like the enlightened, who was asked what he did before and now, and he answered “carrying water from the well and chopping wood”. You do it, it is the same task, but it is different. Hard to explain. I makes the life-experience truely different and bliss is in all. 



If relevant questions come up for you, please contact me via e-mail LWgerhard@Gmail.com or use the contact form of this website.


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