Consulting and Working from Above

The new and better way

The problem of any consultation is the inference with personality, limitations and personal life-experience of the consultant. 

Gerhard has been doing business- and personal consulting and coaching since 1995. He had big customers like Microsoft Europe but also family-businesses, where the personal liking and disliking had a much stronger influence on the situation. 
Personality and the habits and views caused by it are mostly the biggest troublemakers and are causing the feeling of helplesness. 

As the graphics below shows, Gerhard looks from his Higher Self to the Higher Self of the client.
This practically makes him staying out of his personality and looking down to all levels of the client, starting from above personality.

This gives a more complete picture of all influences, causes, experiences and even the implications that are not from this life. 

This session and all results are exclusively for the client. The client can record it, because often there is so much information. I will not store it, unless the client asks me to to do so. 

As the result the client gets a clear idea what helps and a pathway for at least the next half year.

Gerhard charges Euro 120 for the hour of online consultation. Locally additionally VAT might applicable.

If you book directly through his office in Germany, you can receive an invoice for this service from his office in Germany. He is a known business-consultant in Germany since 1995. You can put this invoice in your tax-declaration in Europe
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How the consultation happens

Gerhard has to go into his higher self, which means being  out of personality.
Then he contacts the Higher Self of the client and looks from there down the stream of the client. 

This gives a new, higher and all including view and the highest potential for working with unconditional love.

Later on, advanced students will be able to learn this. 

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