Advanced guided meditation

Offered after the simple meditation

Why is it called advanced?
Because it gets you to higher conscious-levels that are 
right now not in your safe reach.
(If you could reach them by yourself, you might just enjoy 
that all is done for you during the meditation) 

Your work is sitting comfortably and just enjoy it.
You should cross your lower legs and sit upright.

The goal is getting experiences of these higher levels. 
Higher level means that it is always above your 
personality, in your spiritual part, your soul or however 
you call it. For you it's like using an elevator up there. 

The graphic shows a model. We travel above Akasha, 
which is the end of your personality. 
Above is still your individuality. 

Each time we go somewhere else .
Each time you get explanations how you can use this 
aspect for your individual developement.
If you want to learn how to reach these levels and much
more by yourself and integrate this into your life, think 
about the education offered in this website at "Services". 


A short break after the easy guided meditation. 
Best is when you start with the easy meditation and then 
continue with the advanced one. 
It will take about 30 minutes. 

Because the simple meditation is a great preparation, I suggest to start at 20:00 with it. At 20:30 the advanced meditation will start with an introduction on the goals and procedure of today. 

ZOOM link:

Click that link or copy it and put it into your browser. 
At first time use, Zoom will install a software. So please do it before the meditation starts. 
Meeting room will be open 10 minutes before the mediation. You can use the time befor meditation to chat. 
We start on time. 

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